1. ***SOLD OUT***

    A day of photography with the Ragged Victorians historical re-enactment group at Avoncroft Museum, Sunday 22nd October 2017
Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove

***SOLD OUT***

A day of photography with the Ragged Victorians historical re-enactment group at Avoncroft Museum, Sunday 22nd October 2017

A full day's photography with the award-winning historical re-enactment group the Ragged Victorians, accurately recreating the lives of the lower classes in the 1850s at Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings.


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We are delighted to offer you a first event with the Ragged Victorians at Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings near Bromsgrove in Worcestershire on Sunday 22nd October 2017.

The Ragged Victorians is a high-quality, award-winning living history group which specializes in portraying life as it was for the lower classes in the 1850s. This was a time of immense hardship for ‘the great unwashed’ who often had no homes, no income and definitely no benefits system to fall back on. We are privileged to be able to work with a group so highly regarded for their historical interpretation and attention to detail.

Avoncroft Museum was established in 1967 to preserve some of the historic buildings that were at that time being demolished to make way for modern development and were in danger of being lost with no physical record of particular types of architecture. Five years earlier, in 1962, a local campaign had been started to save a medieval timber frame town house threatened with demolition in Bromsgrove. This building became the first to be rescued, dismantled and reconstructed at Avoncroft Museum, where thirty structures spanning 700 years of history have now been rescued and rebuilt on site. These include the famous Danzey Green Windmill dating from the 1830s, the Little Malvern Tollhouse of 1822 and the Nailer’s Cottage of 1840s vintage. The Museum is also home to the National Telephone Box Collection - though these won’t be featuring in this particular event! The Museum’s buildings are many and varied, covering a number of historical periods and we will obviously be using those that best act as a backdrop for our re-enactments of the Victorian era.

Our event will feature around a dozen characters from the group, of all ages, who will be posed around the site against various period backdrops throughout the day. We will have a  lunch hour of approximately one hour to allow both photographers and re-enactors the chance for a breather and to ‘refuel’ as well as exploring other aspects of the Museum and its grounds.

We hope that you will wish to join us for what promises to be a day packed with excellent and very different photographic opportunities. 

Event cost £65.00 per person.

Images courtesy of Dave Jones (RATS)

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