1. Rolling thunder afternoon with sunset and night shoot at former RAF Bruntingthorpe, Saturday 30th September 2017
Ex RAF Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire

Rolling thunder afternoon with sunset and night shoot at former RAF Bruntingthorpe, Saturday 30th September 2017

Cold War Jets, High Speed Runs, Octane and lots of Noise! Join us for some high impact photography with at least 5 live jets in Leicestershire.


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We are excited to announce a return to the home of the Cold War Jet, former RAF Bruntingthorpe on Saturday 30th September. An afternoon and evening of NOISE and Photography! For this visit TimeLine Events has negotiated a number of high speed taxi runs the full length of the runway ahead of Sunset and the commencement of our evening shoot. 

With the sad news of this August's Thunder Day being cancelled we are hoping our event will go some way towards making up for the loss of this popular event. With this in mind we have successfully negotiated areas immediately on the edge of the runway where you will be able catch the airframes as they power past with as much as possible 'clean' backdrops. Equally we will be allowing plenty of time between each run to enable you to reposition. Also having the advantage of control will allow us the bonus of being able to control to some degree when the jets 'GO' thus allowing some latitude for sun and cloud. 

Once each Jet has made its run they will again position with photography in mind in readiness for our evening and sunset photography to commence. Like with our previous events we will have plenty of time to capture all participating airframes from all angles, from below and above. We will hopefully also experience 'wing ups' from the Buccaneers and cockpit visits on the VC-10. We will also have access to an elevated platform to give you the opportunity for further unique photographs. 

Currently, we have three Buccaneers, a Jet Provost and a VC-10 at our disposal with the possibility of one or two others joining us once agreements are sort. 

The Buccaneers we are expecting to take part are XX894, XW544 and XX889.  

XX 894 in Royal Navy livery: XX 894 was delivered to the RAF on 4th December 1975 and issued to 16 Squadron at RAF Laarbruch, the first of several squadrons during its 19-year career.  This is the most famous Buccaneer, being the only RAF aircraft to destroy an enemy aircraft during the first Gulf War.  In 1993, XX 894 was repainted to represent '020' of 809 NAS aboard HMS Ark Royal in 1978.  Retirement came on 31st March 1994 and the plane is now in the care of volunteers from the Buccaneer Aviation Group, the only group in the world dedicated to preserving this type of aircraft.

XW 544 in RAF Camouflage Livery: XW 544 was new to the Royal Air Force in June 1972, flying with XV and 16 Squadron before being grounded during 1983.  After years in storage, the plane was rescued from a scrap yard and brought to Bruntingthorpe in 2004.  After four years of hard work, the first ground run took place in 2008, and in May 2011 the aircraft made its first public taxi run.  It is restored in the colours of 16 Squadron. 

XX 899 (RAF Desert Pink "Sky Pirates" scheme): XX 899 was delivered new to the RAF on the last day of December 1974 and retired in 1994.  It began its career with 16 Squadron in February 1975 and saw service with numerous squadrons, its last move coming in October 1993 to 208, where it received full squadron markings.

VC-10 ZD 241 which carries all-over RAF grey livery: Our VC-10 is in the grey colour scheme, the last livery she carried in RAF service. The VC-10s were named after holders of the Victoria Cross medal, the names of the recipient after which the plane was named being displayed above the forward passenger doors. Only 54 aircraft of this type were built, the first flight coming on 29th June 1962 and the first VC-10 entering service in 1964; they were built up until 1970. The aircraft were used by the Royal Air Force from 1965 onwards for strategic air lifts and some were converted from passenger carrying service for air-to-air refuelling duties. Only Concorde has made a faster crossing of the Atlantic from London to New York and the VC-10's time of five hours, one minute remains the fastest by a sub-sonic jet airliner. Fourteen entered RAF service with the last flight of a VC-10 in RAF service coming on 20th September 2013 after a 47-year career. 

JP XP672 is a T4 and was built in 1962, withdrawn from flying in 1972. Having had a further varied career she finally arrived at Bruntingthorpe on the 29-07-2011 where she is now a regular on the 'Thunder Days' where like at our event she can be seen completing high speed taxi's.

Our afternoon will start at 13.30 with a short safety briefing and photography will commence soon afterwards. Taxi runs commencing at 14.30 with 30 minute intervals between each run. While the static photography will run all afternoon we will be mindful of sunset so will endeavour to have our subjects in place ready and waiting so that you can hopefully capture some memorable images. Our lights will be up and ready for the 'blue' hour and we will run into the evening finishing at around 21.00.  

Refreshments will be available during the event at a small extra cost.

This promises to be another excellent event and we look forward to seeing many of you in Leicestershire for in excess of 8 hours of aviation photography! 

Event cost £55.00 per person.

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