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Christmas lights spectacular with a London RT Bus in the West End at night, Friday 28th December 2018

With the continued success of our regular 'night bus' events in London we are extremely pleased to now bring you one with a little Christmas twist! 

On the 28th of December 2018 we are offering you the chance to join us in Central London and take a little tour of London's West End taking in 5 or 6 locations that will have been bought to life with the world famous Christmas Lights. The trip plans to take a smaller than normal group of photographers to locations not normally covered like Oxford Street & Regent Street, Theatre Land and Piccadilly. Expect these areas to be busy and full of people trying to go about their business as the shops close and the party revellers hit the streets. Our intentions are to capture London at its best with our bus central to the scenes. 

For this event we will be using an RT London Bus, owned and operated by the Ensign Bus Company. RT's are very unique and rarely seen on the streets of London these days, especially in locations where you can catch them with the wonderful Christmas lights of London. 

Our evening of photography will start in Great Peter Street, close to Parliament Square, meeting at 9.00pm for a 9.30pm departure. From here we will visit London's West End to pose our bus with a variety of lights, before we attempt to take in a couple of sights in the City before heading to Regent Street to capture the world famous lights of one of Britain's most popular shopping destinations. This trip is not all about the bus either, this year we are also planning to take in more of London's lights in locations that you can't normally photograph due to them being popular shopping areas.  

Parking in Great Peter Street close to the starting point offers plenty of free parking, (more advice on parking locations will be given to those booking in the joining details).

This promises to be a great night that will offer you approximately 6 hours fun and photography and a great way to get back behind the camera after all the Christmas festivities.  

Due to space restrictions and recent issues on previous trips we are restricting this event to 12 photographers only.

Event cost £99.00 per person.




Lenses- suggest bringing lens lengths between 16-200mm

Spare batteries

Memory cards


Photography Knowledge:

Basic to Advanced 

Fitness Level:

Low - Medium



Appropriate warm outdoor clothing and walking shoes