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Turning Back the Clock, with Steam Ploughing, Thrashing and Farming at Weeting in East Anglia, Sunday 28th April 2019

With grateful thanks to Richard Parrott and the staff of Fengate Farm near the Norfolk-Suffolk border, we are delighted to be returning to this delightful location after a break in 2018 for another event that will aim to transport us back in time to the era before and including World War II when working steam was still a way of life for many.

Weeting, with its unmade roads and rural disposition, presents an ideal backdrop for scenes using steam and vintage machinery and we are very lucky in the 21st Century to have use of a location that lends itself so fully to accurate recreations of the past. The focus of our activities today will be ploughing using the mighty pair of Fowler engines Bonzor Tom and Saucy Sue. These are historic for being the last BB1 ploughing engines manufactured by Fowler in 1925. There will be opportunities to photograph these mighty engines in ploughing action as well as on their way to and from the fields with ploughing tackle, water bowser and living van as well as in action in the fields. Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST Little Barford of 1939 vintage will also be in steam. 

Our day will also include time to photograph the ploughing engines being prepared for the day in there very own barn, Steam Trashing, the Standard Gauge Railway, steam driven Sawmill and other vintage machinery. Add to this a mix of wonderful re-enactors playing the part of farm hands and land girls and we think the recipe is set for another fantastic day or photography. 

Our day will start around 10.30 and will run into early evening. There should be a number of different catering options available during the day, these will include sausage and bacon cooked on the shovel and a pork roast for lunch, again cooked in one of the engines.  

In terms of weather conditions, we will do our absolute best to deliver a programme as close to that advertised as possible. Please bear in mind that most of our activities are hugely dependent on dry weather and that we will have to work around whatever conditions present themselves to us during the day. 

This event is limited to 25 photographers so ensure comfortable surroundings.

Event timings

This event will run from approximately 10:30 to 19:30.

Event cost £69.00 per person.




Lenses- suggest bringing lens lengths between 16-200mm

Spare batteries

Memory cards


Photography Knowledge:

Basic to Advanced 


Fitness Level:

Low - Medium



Appropriate outdoor clothing and walking footwear