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Male and female portraiture in a Victorian setting, Thursday 27th September 2018

Come with us as we return to Papplewick Pumping Station this September for what promises to be a creative and varied portraiture day.  This event will aim to push boundaries and deliver you a brilliant day of learning, creating images fit for publication. With both a professional male (Will) and female (Scarlet) model on hand we will be creating a variety of different images in different locations as well as using both models together to explore posing couples. The pumping station provides a unique and quirky environment to shoot in with eye catching backdrops and beautiful lighting to guarentee interesting imagery. A perfect mix of hybrow fashion and industrial heritage will ensure you interesting and evocative images.  

Immersing ourselves into the inspirational surroundings of this wonderful location with all it has to offer we will use its historical locations as our backdrop to create images that jump out and bring you a twist of fashion meets heritage. This event is not just for making amazing imagery, we have planned the day for the enthusiast and keen amateur photographer that not only strive to make great pictures but also wishes to further the knowledge of their equipment, approaches and techniques. This will offer the opportunity to photograph both a male and female model as well as them both posed together so that we can explore different lighting and posing techniques.

This event is open to 12 photographers only.  

What to expect:

  • 2 Professional Models: Will and Scarlet
  • Stunning surroundings
  • An abundance of props
  • Steam
  • A photo opportunity everywhere you turn 
  • Masses of atmosphere
  • Wonderful period backdrops
  • A fully immersing day

We will explore, discuss and put into practice the following, during the event:

  • Creative approaches and compositional ideas
  • Shooting for magazines & competitions
  • Using models inconjuction with your lens apertures to create impact
  • Getting the best out of your lens and using depth of field 
  • Shutter speed, aperture and ISO’s for ‘people’ photography
  • Shooting hand held
  • Using a reflector with natural light
  • Using constant light sources 
  • Using a live model and directing your subject

During the event there will be sufficient opportunity not only to record the inspirational scenery but also to speak with us on a one to one basis. We will have review sessions throughout the day to ensure that everyone has made the best of their time with us with short Q&A sessions and image reviews.       

This event will start at a very reasonable 10.00 with coffees and introductions. Shooting will start soon after and we will work on location until lunchtime. With lunch being an informal affair when we can use the time for Q&A. Our afternoon session will see us work through to around 16.30, giving us plenty of shooting opportunities.

Event cost £125.00 per person.





Lenses- suggest bringing lens lengths between 16-200mm
Spare batterie
Memory cards

Flash Gun (not essential)

Something to make notes with

Photography Knowledge:

Basic to Advanced 

Fitness Level

Low – Medium


Appropriate outdoor clothing and walking footwear