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Recreating the sights and sounds of a traditional London Bus Garage, Saturday 9th February 2019

London Transport had Bus Garages all over London back in the day and while many still exist, few look as they did when frequented by the traditional buses that once pounded the streets of the Capital. 

On Saturday 9th February we will transport you back to a Saturday evening in the mid 1960’s when depot activity was high with buses being prepared for the week ahead, the depot foreman would be overseeing the fixing of broken parts and the garage manager would be keeping a glancing eye on proceedings.

Continuing our regular London Transport theme we are extremely pleased to be visiting the depot of Ensign Bus, Purfleet in Essex for this very unique opportunity. Ensign Bus are one of our partners that regularly provide buses for our over night foray’s into the Capital and are the proud owners of over 40 heritage LT Buses. With so many buses in the fleet we feel with careful positioning in there ‘heritage garage’, some TLE lighting and of course a little human interest there will be some very convincing cameos to capture. All buses will be free of 'private hire' regalia and will have traditional route blinds in.

In addition to the London theme this visit will also see us take the opportunity to utilise some of the other provincial buses that Ensign have in the fleet of heritage buses these will feature in separate scenes away from the London cameos. We will update you with a list of these in due course. 

While the site is massive we are going to keep participants down to 30 to ease photography and to allow everyone plenty of time to get their images. 

Our shoot will start around 6.00pm and see us shooting for around 4 hours, we hope many of you will want to join us on this unique event. 

Event cost £60.00 per person.




Lenses- suggest bringing lens lengths between 16-200mm

Spare batteries

Memory cards


Photography Knowledge:

Basic to Advanced 

Fitness Level:

Low - Medium



Appropriate indoor and outdoor clothing and walking shoes

Images are for illustrative purposes only.