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A NIGHT WITH NO LIGHT at Didcot Railway Centre, Saturday 18th May 2019

Our second event of this type, having run the first one successfully but alas with no moonlight due to it being a cloudy evening, we are pleased to now offer you another evening at the Centre using only natural moonlight as our main light source. This event will push the boundaries of what modern cameras are capable of with long  exposures and high ISO's. Tripods at the ready and time to explore the site you will be amazed at just what is possible on a night with no light....

This time we are planning to run the event on a Saturday evening but if the forecast is poor we will move to the Friday night or possibly the Sunday evening, so when booking this event please remember to block your diary out just in case we have to move the event by a day.

Our evening will start at around 20.00 meeting in the cafe where food will be available for those who wish to partake. Then after our usual brief we will head out to start our photography. We are planning a number of set pieces for you in and round the shed, down on the Branch and under the coal stage. However unlike many of our other events at the site this event we will be actively encouraging you to find your own cameos. Didcot Railway Centre offers so much for the photographer with a keen eye and an interest in industrial heritage. You will not be disappointed with what you will find to photograph. Couple to this the atmosphere of a Victorian Railway Depot, period dressed re-enactors, smoke machines, plenty of time to be creative, and of course the Moon and we think you will come away with some wonderful images.

The shed has stood on the site for around a hundred years and during itís time has seen many residents from the Great Western Railway to British Railway before passing into the ownership of the current custodians, the Great Western Society. During its time little has changed and to this day it still holds so much of its original fixtures and fittings. The shed is not only a Mecca for railway enthusiasts but is also a huge draw for any photographer that wants to record history and make images that will impress and push the boundaries of any industrial scene.

With such a vast site to cover and over 4 hours of photography we feel this event will offer a very relaxed environment to work in and plenty of time to be creative. That said we are limiting the evening to 30 photographers to ensure comfortable surroundings and easy use of tripods. We therefore recommend booking early to avoid disappointment, given how popular previous events at the Centre have been.

Event cost £65.00 per person.




Lenses- suggest bringing lens lengths between 16-200mm

Spare batteries

Memory cards

Photography Knowledge:

Basic to advanced 

Fitness Level:

Low - Medium


Appropriate outdoor clothing and walking footwear, torch

Images courtesy of Andrew Shapland and Peter Zabek and are for illustrative purposes only.