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Saturday 20th April 2019 Ox Drove, Picket Piece, Andover, SP11 6ND

Up to eleven engines, their crews & vintage machinery transport us back to the age of working steam, Saturday 20th April 2019

An afternoon and evening of road steam action at Andover Steam Yard with up to eleven engines in steam appearing in period cameos and in action out on the road, recreating scenes from the magical world of bygone working steam.


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About this event

We are pleased to be returning to the Andover Steam Yard in 2019 but this time we will be starting in the late morning and will be at the yard until the early afternoon. We will then do a road run to a local estate at Apsley near Hurstbourne Priors where we will set up cameos, giving you another albeit different opportunity to capture scenes from the bygone age of steam, working until the evening. On the way to the estate we can stop for lunch at the Wyke Down Pub.

In road steam circles, Andover is well-known as having been the home of the engine manufacturers Tasker. The brothers Robert and William Tasker founded the Waterloo ironworks in the Anna Valley in 1809 (opened in 1815, hence it was named after the Battle of Waterloo) and it continued to operate until 1937. The engineering company, by now under the ownership of William's sons, produced its first steam engine in 1865 and they went on to produce hundreds; perhaps the most famous design was the 'Little Giant' though many of the company's early engines were to bespoke designs and therefore unique. The company went on to become well-known manufacturers of trailers (as Tasker Trailers) after the Second World War and, after several changes of ownership, the brand finally disappeared during the 1990s.

The yard is home to an extraordinary collection of steam road and portable engines (not to mention the occasional vintage tractor). Our day will see many various types of engine in steam. With the possibility of around four rollers in steam, plus two steam tractors and these will be joined by other unique treats from the private collection and two portable (static) engines. In addition, we hope to have a small number of period cars and a vintage motorcycle to use in some cameo scenes.

One of the highlights of the day will be a line up of three Ruston engines together. We will be taking several steam vehicles out on the road coupled with some of the vintage equipment that is based at the yard and, in addition, will be setting up road rolling scenes with regular deliveries of road-making materials to site. There will also be a land clearance set-up based on the 1960s. 

Some of the highlights that we expect to have available for our event. However it is a while away so confirmation of final line up will be made nearer the time.

1929-built compound Foden steam wagon No.13316 Sir Lionel, in the livery of Joseph Dovey

1914-built Tasker Steam Tractor No.1592 Pride of Anna Valley hauling a timber cart 

1918-built Ruston Proctor Steam Tractor No.52453 The Lincoln Imp with threshing tackle 

1910-built Ruston Proctor Steam Tractor No.38591 Midnight hauling a traction wagon 

1922-built Aveling roller No.10282 Stoney Broke with an Eddison living van 

1923-built Wallis and Stevens roller No.7779 Sir Lancelot hauling a traction wagon  

Expect all these and more to be in action around the yard during the day, working turn and turn about on rolling and stone crushing duties.  

We are looking forward to a very full session of photography with our event starting at approximately 14.00 with the engines being prepared for their day's activities and, with appropriate breaks for refreshment (available on site), we will run through until 20.30. We will be lighting the engines with our lights to allow the whole place to take on a completely different feel.

This should provide a wealth of photographic opportunities and we look forward to seeing you at the Andover Steam Yard in April.

Event cost £59.00 per person.




Lenses- suggest bringing lens lengths between 16-200mm

Spare batteries

Memory cards


Photography Knowledge:

Basic to Advanced 

Fitness Level:



Appropriate outdoor clothing and walking shoes


Event requirements


  • Spare batteries
  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Camera protection - rain covers etc


  • Low

Other essentials

  • Sturdy outdoor shoes
  • Warm clothing
  • Wet weather gear

Event location

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