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Saturday 22nd February 2020 Ex RAF Bruntingthorpe, Leicestershire

An afternoon and evening of close up Jet photography at former RAF Bruntingthorpe

Cold War Jets, Octane, noise and photography all in an afternoon, join us and at least four Jets for a heavy metal Saturday shoot in Leicestershire.


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About this event

We are pleased to announce that after a gap of nearly a year we are returning to the home of the Cold War Jet at formal RAF Bruntingthorpe in Leicestershire for an afternoon, sunset and evening shoot with some of the former greats from the British Military.

Currently, we have two Buccaneers, a Jet Provost and the MK3 Shackleton with other possibilities being added to the line up as we get closer to the event. We are also looking to use a resident Buccaneer Cockpit for close up shots of pilots in situ. All making for some stunning photo opportunities as the sun sets over the airfield.  Add to this some human interest in appropriate attire and we will transport you back to those helicon days of the 1970s and 80s.

The Buccaneers we are expecting to take part are XW544 and XX889. To add further to the event, we will be ground-running one,  if not both Buccaneers and will be demonstrating ‘Wings Up’ for added photographic interest. We are also expecting to recreate the catapult shot with aid of our special effects.

XX 894 in Royal Navy livery: XX 894 was delivered to the RAF on 4th December 1975 and issued to 16 Squadron at RAF Laarbruch, the first of several squadrons during its 19-year career.  This is the most famous Buccaneer, being the only RAF aircraft to destroy an enemy aircraft during the first Gulf War.  In 1993, XX 894 was repainted to represent '020' of 809 NAS aboard HMS Ark Royal in 1978.  Retirement came on 31st March 1994 and the plane is now in the care of volunteers from the Buccaneer Aviation Group, the only group in the world dedicated to preserving this type of aircraft.

XW 544 in RAF Camouflage Livery: XW 544 was new to the Royal Air Force in June 1972, flying with XV and 16 Squadron before being grounded during 1983.  After years in storage, the plane was rescued from a scrap yard and brought to Bruntingthorpe in 2004.  After four years of hard work, the first ground run took place in 2008, and in May 2011 the aircraft made its first public taxi run.  It is restored in the colours of 16 Squadron. 

Our afternoon will start at 15.00 with a short safety briefing and photography will commence at 15.30 hours.  We will have use of a scissor lift to obtain elevated shots of the airframes and to add a little atmosphere; we will attempt to bring a few special effects online as the evening draws in, these may include smoke, the event will run until approximately 20.30 hours.  Refreshments will be available during the event at a small extra cost.

This promises to be another excellent event and we look forward to seeing many of you in Leicestershire for an exciting five-hour feast of aviation photography.

Images courtesy of Steve Tron.

Event requirements


  • Spare batteries
  • Camera
  • Lense cloths
  • Filters
  • Lenses
  • Camera protection - rain covers etc
  • Tripod


  • All levels welcome


  • Low

Other essentials

  • Sturdy outdoor shoes
  • Torch
  • Warm clothing
  • Wet weather gear

Event location

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