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Friday 17th September 2021 Beamish, County Durham, DH9 0RG

A day of photography at Beamish featuring 1920s era trams, steam at Pockerley Waggonway and more

Join us for a day of photography at Beamish Museum using vintage trams Sheffield 264 and Sunderland 16 morning and late afternoon plus steam on the Pockerley Waggonway and many more transport cameos


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About this event

Today is an early morning start using tram Sheffield 264 in the Main Street and at other locations. We will run with 264 until approximately 10.15 when the public will begin to arrive on site. It was restored to its 1926 condition in the 1980s and has recently received a major overhaul; the tram carries the Sheffield Prussian Blue and Cream livery lined out in gold and makes a splendid sight in both the town and countryside settings of Beamish Museum.

The Pockerley Waggonway is home to the Museumís vintage railway with three replica locomotives representing the very earliest days of steam traction in the United Kingdom. Puffing Billy will be in steam today and we will be able to photograph the crew in their period attire as they light up and prepare the locomotive for the day. We will also ask if Locomotion No.1 can be pulled out of the shed for photography. We will be allowed access to the fields adjoins the line to photograph the trains in action, please remember to bring an orange high visibility jacket as you will need this to gain access. We expect this to take us up to around 13.00 and a break for lunch.

The Museum is home to several horse-drawn vehicles and we are confident of being able to use at least one of these on Friday afternoon. In recent years, some slightly more modern buses (relatively speaking!) have been acquired as the Museum moves towards construction of its latest project, a 1950s street. This means that there are two Daimler double-deckers in service and we have asked that at least one of these is out during Friday afternoon. This will be either the 1954 Rotherham CVG6 or the 1964 CVG6 from Darlington Corporation. Along with cameo appearances by the Friends of Beamish, we hope to be able to offer a variety of scenes to photograph throughout the afternoon.

In late afternoon, we will return to the tramway using Sunderland 16 around the site and in the town. This double-deck tram was built in 1900 by Dick, Kerr and Company of Preston and carries the gorgeous deep red and cream Sunderland livery of the 1920s. Along with the ongoing heritage activities around the site, this should give us an excellent two days of photography.

Please note that everything advertised is based on what we believe is achievable and is offered in good faith. Please bear in mind it is possible that there may be one or two enforced changes if Covid-19 means delays in returning particular vehicles to service. We are not expecting this but be aware of the possibility because, as has been the case for every other heritage venue, the past year has been far from a normal time in the life of the Museum.

The normal catering facilities will be open around the Museum during the daytime and we hope you will wish to join us for what promises to be an excellent day of tramway, steam and vintage transport photography.

Currently all of our events will run in line with our Covid-19 policy that follows government guidelines. You can find our Covid-19 policy information page here.

Event requirements


  • Spare batteries
  • Camera
  • Lenses


  • All levels welcome


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