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Sunday 4th Septemberl 2022 Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove

A day with the great Ragged Victorians at Avoncroft Museum

Join us for a day’s photography at the historic setting of Avoncroft museum featuring the fantastic and photogenic Ragged Victorians re-enacting group posed against the fine period backdrops this site offers


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About this event

With grateful thanks to the Ragged Victorians and Avoncroft, we invite you to join us for a day of photography in Worcestershire with one of the most authentic re-enacting groups to be found anywhere, being photographed against the excellent backdrops and historic buildings of the site.

Avoncroft offers the perfect backdrop for photographing this wonderful group of period re-enactors that denote the underclasses and working classes of the Victorian era. In addition to the scenes areas we will be offering a separate area for you to capture up close portraits of these wonderful re-enactors. We look forward to seeing you at Avoncroft to recreate another glimpse of the past as only the Ragged Victorians can portray it. Our day will start at 10:30 with our usual briefing, and with the exeption of lunch we will be photographing through until 16:30.

About the Ragged Victorians:
The Ragged Victorians are a high-quality, award-winning living history group who specialize in portraying life as it was for the lower classes in the 1850s. This was a time of immense hardship for ‘the great unwashed’ who often had no homes, no income and definitely no benefits system to fall back on. We are privileged to be able to work once again with a group so highly-regarded for their historical interpretation and attention to detail. The Ragged Victorians were the first re-enacting group to begin accurately portraying this less than glamorous and often-overlooked aspect of British history. The opposite side of the coin to the great triumphs of the Industrial Revolution, the group depicts the suffering and day-to-day struggles of the working classes who had to perform some of society’s least savoury duties in return for wages that amounted to no more than a pittance. The group embraces the roles of the historical characters that they portray, warts and all, and are as good at what they do as anyone.

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Event requirements


  • Spare batteries
  • Camera
  • Lense cloths
  • Lenses


  • All levels welcome


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