1. A afternoon, sunset & night shoot at RAF Odiham, Hampshire, Wednesday 20th March 2019
Wednesday 20th March 2019 Odiham, Hampshire

A afternoon, sunset & night shoot at RAF Odiham, Hampshire, Wednesday 20th March 2019

RAF Chinook's on the apron at RAF Odiham for photography while to Squadron's go about their work and preparation for flight.


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Another TimeLine Events in support of our partnership with the RAF and JET.


We are honoured and extremely pleased to bring you another opportunity working with the Royal Air Force raising money for the John Egging Trust (JET). This time we are visiting RAF Odiham, the British home of the RAF’s work horse helicopter the Chinook. An afternoon and evening of exclusive photography with special thanks to the RAF Squadron’s 18 & 27 who will be welcoming us on Base for this very special opportunity.


For this event we are proud to say that all profits will be going to the Jon Egging Trust.

Chinook aircraft are used for trooping, resupply, and battlefield Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC), and for carrying internal and/or underslung loads. They can carry up to 55 troops (more, usually 24 to 40) and/or up to 10 tonnes of freight. A secondary role includes Search and Rescue (SAR). In Afghanistan, the aircraft had become known for its emergency response role, in which the rear of the aircraft was essentially used as an emergency operating theatre. The crew usually consists of two pilots and two crewmen, supplemented by other specialists depending on the specific task. The Mk3 incorporates long range fuel tanks which greatly increase range and endurance. The Mk4 saw the introduction of a new cockpit display system, mission management system and enhanced crewman’s workstation that further increases the aircraft’s capability. The aircraft are well equipped for their varied roles and are fitted with a satellite Global Positioning System, an Instrument Landing System, comprehensive avionics that enable them to fly in airways, and an extensive radio suite. The aircraft cockpit has a full night-time capability when operated with night-vision goggles, thus allowing low-level night operations in a hostile environment. The aircraft also carries dual-mode landing lights that can be switched between white and infrared light, which are supported by infrared searchlights operated by the two crewmen. The Chinook is well equipped with defensive aids and has a Radar Warning Receiver, an Ultraviolet and Doppler Missile Approach Warning System, infrared jammers and chaff and flare dispensers, which can be manually or automatically fired. The aircraft can be armed with two M134 six-barrelled Miniguns, one in each front side window, and an M60D machine gun on the ramp. 


Our session at RAF Odiham will start around 15.30 allowing us to be in place and ready for sunset. Then as the sun sets we will be turning on our lights and adding further dimensions to the shoot with the addition of personnel, ground equipment and one or two other surprises to keep you shooting into the evening. We expect to end our time with the Chinook force around 20.30, allowing plenty of time to capture these work horses after dark.


As RAF Odiham is an active airbase it must be pointed out that there is the possibility of unscheduled movements of airframes and that attendees must adhere to all requests made by our hosts. Equally we cannot guarantee exactly how many airframes will be made available to us for the shoot but we have been told to expect up to six. It is our plan to have them all positioned differently to allow as many different angles as possible before and after sunset. We are also expecting to have access to the interior of at least one of the Chinook’s and plenty of opportunity to get those close up shots that you would never usually have the opportunity to catch. There will be at least two engine runs giving us the opportunity to see these fine aircraft come fully to life on the Pan in front of us.


Before booking your tickets please be sure that you will be able to produce some form of Photo ID on arrival at RAF Odiham. We must make it clear that there will be no admittance o the Base if you are not carrying Photo ID.


There will be food and drinks available throughout the evening thanks to the RAF’s airside catering team.

Event cost £69.00 per person.

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