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TimeLine Events is a photography experience specialist with a focus on history and heritage.

At TimeLine Events we pride ourselves in delivering unique and excellent days out for photographers of all levels. Our photography events and adventures aim to inspire anyone with an interest in taking photographs and they provide an interactive environment where you can meet new and like minded people. Running events all around the UK we work with some truly exclusive and unique venues giving attendees the opportunity to photograph subjects that would not normally be accessible. We cover a wide variety of subjects including aviation, steam, wildlife, landscapes portraiture and much more so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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TimeLine railway events concentrate on recreating the golden era of the age of steam and, on occasion, the early years of diesel traction from the 1960s and 1970s. Main line steam on what is now the Network Rail national network ended in August 1968 and, while there are sadly fewer around who remember day-to-day working steam, the sight and sound of a locomotive pounding up a steep gradient at the head of a lengthy train still conjures evocative emotions and provides an often spectacular subject for the photographer.
Our railway events allow photographers to capture dramatic and authentic images in a safe and controlled environment providing opportunities not usually available when trains are working on normal everyday services. One cannot normally ask a passenger train to set back for another photo opportunity because the sun dipped at the crucial moment or the locomotive’s smoke blew down in a strong gust of wind obscuring the train behind; our railway events allow us to do just that. Wherever possible, we match the locomotive with the correct period coaches or wagons to ensure we recreate as closely as we reasonably can authentic train formations which would have been seen on our railways sixty, eighty or even one hundred years ago.
Steam railway photography presents challenges all of its own. For many, it is the very difficulty of the task that provides such an addictive quest. The collective euphoria that ripples through the gallery of photographers when each of the individual elements needed to make the ‘perfect’ picture combine makes the considerable organisation that goes into each and every event truly gratifying - and the pictures can be stunning! TimeLine railway events cater for both the seasoned railway photographer and those who are new to this aspect of the photographic hobby but are keen to learn. The organisers each have more than twenty years of experience running railway events so you can be sure of making the best possible use of every lighting and location opportunity available.


TimeLine aircraft events offer fantastic opportunities for serious amateur aviation photographers to capture outstanding images that evoke the essence and atmosphere of a working aerodrome, whether civilian or military. Although the airframes are naturally the stars of the show, we are keen to bring all of the life and vitality of a working airbase to the scenes we create. TimeLine uses professional re-enactors who take immense care to wear the correct period and decoration of uniform. In addition, whenever we can, we include ancillary military or civilian vehicles of types that you would expect to appear on an airfield to match the period of the airframes we are photographing.

Many of our events incorporate the final hours of daylight when the going down of the sun brings wonderful low lighting for silhouettes framed against colourful and dramatic skies. Wherever possible, we arrange for engine runs of the planes we are photographing and, in the case of our very special Lancaster shoots, a limited number of lucky participants can buy an experience to ride in this taxiing legend of British aviation. We are very lucky to have access to many planes and locations that are usually not open to the general public, and all of our events are private for TLE photographers only. If aircraft photography is your passion, then these events are definitely for you.

Portrait & Models

TimeLine run a variety of different location portrait and models days aimed to inspire creativity and provide an informative and fun day out for photographers who are interested in this subject. Using professional models and themes there are many different portrait subjects to choose from. We use a wide range of different venues including historical sites to offer unique and engaging photography events where you can take images that will stand out from the rest. From 1920’s style to Pre-Raphaelites to modern high fashion you will find a lot on offer for our portrait days. On many events we also bring along lighting, reflectors and smoke machines that are available for attendees to use, and our staff are always on hand to offer help and advice.


TimeLine Events runs a varied range of boat events each year giving photographers a unique, safe and enjoyable experience out on the water, usually in a privately-hired and dedicated photography boat. We cover major sporting contests and events such as the Cowes Regatta and the Bournemouth Air Show. Our water sports events aim to get photographers to the heart of the action, offering the chance to not only experience the races up close and personal, but also keeping a focus on finding the best positions for high-speed action photography, prioritising making the very best of the ever-crucial light and angles. As well as our sporting events, TimeLine also runs historic boat events. We have chased the Paddle Steamer Waverley around the Isle of Wight and have danced across the water with WWII’s speedy HSL102 rescue boat, as well as capturing historic events featuring such classic craft as the Thames Barges. Where appropriate, we also feature re-enactors who act as crew to add an extra element of historic interest to capture on board. With our network of experienced skippers and boating event organisers you are guaranteed to find something fun and exciting happening out on the water with Timeline Events.


TimeLine run wildlife photography days around the UK at a variety of locations that offer the photographer wonderful opportunities to take stunning wildlife images. Working with professional wildlife photographers and wildlife rangers we aim to give you a great experience with fantastic access to many different wildlife sites and wildlife centres. As well as wildlife experience days we also run wildlife training days aimed at teaching photographers how to improve their photography and take eye catching images of this wonderful subject. Our wildlife events are open to photographers of all levels.


TimeLine vintage transport events seek to match beautifully restored period vehicles from years gone by with stunning locations that are reminiscent of the backdrops against which the vehicles would have been seen when at work in their heyday. Whether this be idyllic country villages or the heart of major cities, towns and conurbations, we aim to match vehicles with locations to maximum photographic effect.
Undoubtedly the highlight of our vintage transport events are our nocturnal visits to the Capital. Travelling into London with one or sometimes two buses that would have been seen in the city in the 1950s and 1960s, we hit the streets of London after dark in their quieter moments with the specific aim of recreating scenes that would have been familiar fifty or sixty years earlier. We run a number of different events in the Capital, featuring period re-enactors as passengers, others with vintage and fashion models, and seasonal events such as trips to see and photograph our vehicles against the backdrop of the amazing Christmas lights.
Of course, this is by no means easy and a great deal of research and planning goes into ensuring we are at the right locations at the right times. There are many distractions that can and do present challenges, but coming away with that special picture that is not only technically good but conveys the character of a place and moment in time will make it an incredibly worthwhile night’s work. Put your photographic skills to the test on the highways and byways of Britain and capture some truly memorable period transport images.


TimeLine offers dedicated training days on a variety of subjects for those wanting to learn new skills or improve on their current photography knowledge. We work with a network of professional photographers and trainers and our days are usually a combination of theory and practical’s to offer a well balanced training day out on location. Our aim is to teach you something new but also have you coming home with some great images so we like to run these days out on location with a professional trainer who is an expert on the specific subject. From understanding light to getting sharper images we offer a variety of opportunities to add to your photography skillset.

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