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Neil has enjoyed photography since he was given a Kodak 126 at the age of 6, then moving on to an SLR at 11 before going digital in 2001. Neil also worked in the photographic industry from the early 1990ís where for around 12 years he spent his time within the processing side of the industry.  However it was in 1997 when things changed for Neil, as a keen railway photographer Neil orgainsed his first photographic event, this was a steam railway event in deepest Devon, from that point onwards Neil continued to run the occasional event when his career permitted. However it wasnít until the late 2000ís that he run his first Ďnoní railway event, a trip on the Solent chasing the Paddle Steamer Waverley, it was at this point TimeLine Events started to develop into what it is today. 



Emily is a London based professional photographer with over 8 years experience in working in the photography industry. For 3 years she worked for Nikon at their photography training centre, and now works as a freelance photographer capturing a wide variety of weddings and events. She is also a keen wildlife and landscape photographer. Since coming on board with TimeLine Events Emily has been organising, co-ordinating and running many of our Adventures and Training Days. She also manages the TLE Club liaising with members to ensure they get the best opportunities that the Club offers its members. 


Now retired Peter has a pedigree in photography that spans his life all the way back to the mid 1960ís. It was in the 1960ís when Peter found his passion for railways as well as photography, both coinciding with the fast approaching end of steam on Britainís mainline railways. With his first camera along with a network of likeminded friends Peter spent all his leisure time travelling the UK documenting the end of BR steam. After steam finished on the mainline Peter, by then working within the photo processing industry found opportunity to continue his railway photography at the then various fledgling preserved railway lines that were starting to become established on previously closed branchlineís up and down the Country. Peter has never lost his passion for railways and is still a very active photographer, regularly visiting many of Britainís heritage railways in addition to helping and advising TimeLine Events to help ensure historical accuracy on many of our adventures.  


David has been running photographic events since the mid 1990ís and was a pioneer in Ďnoní railway events and the use of re-enactors at his events. Along with running photographic events David has worked as a technical author and has given much of his free time to a variety preservation projects all over the UK. Nowadays David is still very active with his own events but is a valued member of the TimeLine Events team, putting his writing skills to good use along with his excellent knowledge of all things heritage. Equally you will find David on many of our events helping the team to ensure they run smoothly.


The youngest member of the team, Frank joined us in 2016 when he emigrated to the UK from Spain. Since joining us there aren't many events you won't find Frank attending, keeping an eye on participants occasionally putting on his best period lead to join in with the Re-Enactors enjoying the limelight in front of the camera. Or just enjoying being out and about taking in the best photo opportunities all over the UK.


Over the years our events have evolved and as things change the one thing that has become a staple of many events is the human interest. It is this element that is only possible with the support of our many friends that are known to many as re-enactors, these people and groups like the Ragged Victorians, Victorian Strollers, 39-44 Group, UP AN' AT 'EM! History etc, along with their fantastic array of period equipment and vehicles give up much time to support us in our endeavour to recreate scenes from a bygone era, whether that be the 1940's, 50's 60's or even earlier times such as the Victorian or Edwardians. And it doesn't end there, we are also indebted to those that also support us in the area of fantasy and play, pin-up, burlesque, circus and far much more. So next time you attend one of our events just think how different the event would be without the support of these dedicated people.

TimeLine Events, where Heritage and Photography come together and recreate scenes from a past era.

Whether you are an enthusiast of a particular theme, someone that enjoys the past and has a love of photography or simply a photographer that likes the idea of joining a group of like-minded people for an enjoyable day out photographing things in an environment that may otherwise not be possible, either way you will find plenty to enjoy at one of our photography experience or training days. 

Open to photographers of all levels and style our events are geared to giving you a day out that will be remembered for years to come. Our aim is too as close as possible recreate scenes from a bygone era, focusing on British transport and industrial heritage dating back to the Victorianís. Within the portfolio of regular events you will find a mix of railways, boats, planes, buses and other road vehicles, all set in environments that will make people look twice at your images. It is our passion and mission that drives us to ensure the past is recreated as authentically as possible, working with many of the UKís top museums, heritage hangers, preserved railways and private owner collections. Adding to this we also work closely with many of the UKís finest re-enactors and re-enactment groups to ensure the human interest is apparent in many of the recreations we set. 

Our events are professionally managed to ensure all participants are given equal opportunities to capture the cameos that are presented with time to make sure you get the best from the session. Equally we take safety very seriously on all of our events with you as the photographer in mind at all times, emailing a safety and procedures leaflet to all participants before any event helps ensure it is in the minds of everyone involved, thus helping to ensure we all have a safe and enjoyable day. 

For further information on current events please take a look on our calendar page and to make sure you are kept aware of new events as they are launched please fill in the contact information so you can be added to our database. 

We look forward to welcoming you to an event soon.