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Friday 19th May 2023 10:30-16:30 Aura Photographic Ltd, Building 3, The Depot, Bridge St, Weedon Bec, Northampton NN7 4PS

Studio flash portrait training and experience day with a tutor & models

An introduction to using studio flash and lighting for portrait photography, perfect for beginners and those wanting to try this exciting area of photography


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About this event

Join us in the new year for a great workshop designed to give you the perfect introduction into shooting portraiture in a studio with studio lighting and flash, plus 2 professional modles and professional studio photography tutor Simon Carter.

If flash is something you have never tired, or only dabbled a little with then this is the workshop for you. Designed to give you easy to follow and beginner friendly guidance on the fundamentals of flash photography, this day will aim to get you going on your journey with flash photography. Are you using a little flash but not really sure what you are doing or do you have some flash equipment but you are not confident in using it? Do you want to use flash but not sure where to start? This day will give you the essential foundation knowledge and practical experience to boost your knowledge, skills and understanding of any kind of flash photography including speedlights.

Flash can sometimes seem to be a daunting and intimidating area of photography, but once you begin to understand how it works it can open up a whole world of photography opportunities for you and really take your photography to the next level. Photography after all is all about light, and being able to take creative control of light wherever you are will give you a lot more variety, opportunities and creative methods.

Our day will take place in the Aura Studio, a spacious photography studio fully kitted out with lighting and backdrops. The beginning of the day will focus on flash theory, taking you through the different techniques, styles and uses and giving you a good insight into how flash works. Then the afternoon will be packed full of practical shooting with 2 professional models available for you to capture, trying out a variety of flash set ups with your tutor on hand to guide you. Not only will you learn about flash but you will also be able to take home some great studio flash images!

About your Tutor

Your tutor for the day will be Simon Carter, a professional portrait photographer with many years of experience using flash in a studio setting. Having previously been an acrobat, Simon's dance and fashion photography combines his love of live performance with a strong graphic sense and a sound theoretical foundation. His teaching aims to convey practical understanding of lighting and portraiture rather than a mere handful of techniques - but tries to keep the technical detail to no more than needed. You can see some of Simons work on his website here: https://www.simoncarterphotography.com

Assisting on the day will be Emily Mudie from TimeLine Events and Emily Mudie Photography. Emily began her career as a full time photographer 5 years ago after working for Nikon UK at their photography workshop & training school.

This workshop will be limited to just 12 photographers.

*All images copyright Simon Carter Photography

*Images are for illustration purposes only & models may vary

*Please note the studio is up a flight of stairs and there is currently no lift for wheelchair access

Event requirements


  • Spare batteries
  • Camera
  • Lense cloths
  • Lenses
  • Notepad and pen


  • Beginner
  • Knowledge of ISO Shutter Speed and Aperture


  • Low

Event location