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Saturday 22nd April 2023 17:00-20:00 Laredo Town, Fawkham, Kent DA3 8NZ

Back to the 1800's Wild West in a complete replica western town

Join us in the spring for a unique trip back in time, where outlaws gambled in shady saloons and gunslingers toured the American frontier


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About this event

We are delighted to announce a return to Laredo Town for an afternoon of unique photography in an authentic replica 1800's western town, complete with re-enactors. We have organized exclusive access to this private site that is not usually open to the public. Laredo Town represents the American Wild West as it would have been in 1865 to 1889. The town has a variety of different buildings including a two-story Hotel with reception area and full-size saloon bar, a wet plate photography studio, shops and stores and much more. The town is complete with boardwalks, hitching rails, horse troughs and shop signage all strung along an unmade old western style street. As well as using the outside we will have access to many buildings which all house incredibly authentic and accurate decor and furniture.

Each and every building in the town is owned by a Laredo member. The members are western enthusiasts and the town hosts members weekends when the members come and stay in their buildings and enjoy a weekend dressed in authentic western clothing and partaking in traditional western activities. We will be photographing on one of these members weekends so we will have a wide variety of different characters to capture around the town. We also hope to have a couple of horses on site to help set the atmosphere, but this depends on how the animals are behaving on the day.

Laredo was founded in 1971 by keen western enthusiast John Truder, and a group of like-minded friends. John (JT to his friends) had been around horses since he was a young boy, and had owned and bred them on his small-holding for years. Laredo Western Club was formed when the group started to grow and needed a more structured organisation. The beginnings of the town started some years later and has gradually grown to what you see today.

There will be 2 sessions running on this day, one from 12:30-15:30 and this session is from 17:00-20:00 with the chance of capturing sunset and the golden hour. If you would like to book both sessions we are offering a 10% discount: use code: WILDWEST10 when booking, put this is the offer code box. Please note this code is only valid for booking both events on the 22/04/2023 at Laredo Town and no other events can be in your cart. The code can only be used once per person.

The group size will be limited to 25 photographers and with a very large amount of space, 24 buildings and around 10-15 re-enactors, so there will be plenty of photography opportunities.

The fire
As some of you may have heard in 2021 a fire broke out at the far side of the town destroying some of the buildings, but luckily the fire brigade were able to contain it and put it out saving 75% of the town from damage. As the majority of the street remains this will not effect our photography but it means that the money you pay to attend this event will go to the town and towards the rebuild of the buildings that were damaged and burnt down. As each building is privately owned and built by a member the fire caused a devastating blow to those individuals whose wild west houses and shops were their life’s work and passion. We are therefore very happy to be supporting them by running this event so that they can re-build what they lost.

Event requirements


  • Spare batteries
  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Tripod

Other things you should bring

  • Packed lunch
  • Snacks
  • Bottled water


  • All levels welcome


  • Low

Other essentials

  • Sturdy outdoor shoes
  • Wet weather gear

Event location

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