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Saturday 20th January 2024 11:30-16:00 Auburn Farm, Fraisthorpe, Bridlington YO15 3QU

Horses and historic riders on the beach

Join us in the new year for a photo experience with horses and riders on the coast to take stunning portraits and action shots of the horses running along the beach and sea


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About this event

Horses are a wonderful subject for photography, but add in riders in historic dress and a beach setting and you get something special. Join us for a great photography experience as we offer a session of beautiful horses and riders being posed and ridden along a lovely natural sandy beach with the sea in the background.

 We are delighted to be working with a team of very talented re-enactors called Equistry and we plan to have around 4- 5 horses and riders available to capture. They will be in a variety of historic dress from the Medieval period to Victorian so there is plenty of variety and each horse will be wearing historically accurate riding gear. The re-enactors are well versed in photography, and will be posing and positioning the action for us so that we get the best angles and light. The TimeLine team will also be on hand to offer guidance and photo tips. We aim to do some high action with riding and running as well as static poses.

 As this is an outdoor event it will be weather dependent, and if adverse weather were forecast we would postpone to a later date. Horse behaviour is always dependent on the horses mood on the day, the horses are well trained but theirs and your safety is paramount so the day will run with this in mind.  After 12pm the tide starts to go out and we hope to catch some nice evening light in the afternoon. There will be an hours break at 1pm for everyone and the horses and riders. We will then photograph again from 2pm-4pm in the hope to get some nice evening light across the beach.

There is a car park next to the beach with toilets. Sadly the local cafe is closed for a staff holiday so bring your own food and drink with you.

The day before we are running a historical photowalk nearby in York if you would like to join us and do a few days of photography the area.

*Images by Simon Westwood

Event requirements


  • Spare batteries
  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Camera protection - rain covers etc

Other things you should bring

  • Packed lunch
  • Snacks
  • Bottled water


  • All levels welcome


  • Medium

Other essentials

  • Sturdy outdoor shoes
  • Warm clothing
  • Wet weather gear

Event location

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