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Sunday 14th April 2019 Wattisham Base, Wattisham

Spring time opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Britain's former RAF Icons in the heart of Suffolk, Sunday 14th April 2019

A lovely Spring afternoon, Sunset and Night shoot at Wattisham Airbase with Phantom XT914, Hunter XG194 & the Cockpit of Lightning XP743. Lets get back to the late 1970's & 80's when these airframes were the staple of the RAF.


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About this event

It gives us great pleasure to announce Springtime visit for TimeLine Events to that former RAF Wattisham for another afternoon, Sunset and Night photographing two iconic airframes that were once part of the RAF’s mainstay fighting the Cold War. What could be better than a Phantom and Hunter with the very British backdrop of a HAS (Hardened Aircraft Shelter)...? How about some Lightning Cockpit Action, because on this visit we plan to bring former RAF Ligthning XP743 back to life with some carefully choreographed positioning and  a correctly attired re-enactor playing the part of her pilot.  

In addition to Phantom XT914 & Hunter XG194 we will be joined by Lynx MK7 XZ605 and Gazelle XX444 now sporting a very good looking Desert Paint job. Couple the airframes with a few re-enactors, different lighting techniques, a little atmospheric smoke and we think will have a pretty special Sunday afternoon for all.

On this visit we are planning some extra human interest when we bring Lightning Jet XP743 Cockpit back to life with our re-enactors and a some special effects that will allow the opportunity to recreate scenes of a QRA in the mid 1970's. 

This event is raising much needed funds for the museum but being on MOD land we are strictly governed by the Wattisham Station Command and therefore have to limit participants to 50, because of this we expect tickets to sell fast. However before you book your place be aware that you will be required to have a Photo ID with you to gain access on to base on the day.

Our event will run from 16.30 through to 21.30 hours (nominally) allowing plenty of time for photography and hopefully many different opportunities from daylight into nightfall. The aircraft will be positioned around the HAS and in the case of the Phantom in and outside of the HAS, ensuring that the backdrops are as authentic and devoid of modern buildings. We will also ensure the planes will be spaced to allow them to be photographed separately.

There is no catering on site but the museum volunteers are planning to have tea, coffees and cakes available for attendees to purchase for a small extra fee.

So come with us on a fully packed evening of Aircraft photography just off the A14 in Suffolk. 

Event cost £75.00 per person. 

Images courtesy of Neil Atterbury & Peter Zabek.





Lenses- suggest bringing lens lengths between 16-200mm

Spare batteries

Memory cards


Photography Knowledge:

Basic to Advanced 


Fitness Level
Low – Medium



Appropriate outdoor clothing and walking footwear


Event requirements


  • Spare batteries
  • Camera
  • Lense cloths
  • Lenses
  • Camera protection - rain covers etc


  • All levels welcome


  • Low

Other essentials

  • Sturdy outdoor shoes
  • Warm clothing
  • Wet weather gear

Event location

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