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Wednesday 25th August 2021, 15:15-17:45 North Weald Airfield, Merlin Way, CM16 6HR

Recreating those Vintage Pin Up shots with a P51 Mustang plus a 350 GT fast back Shelby and a convertible Mustang car

A mix of vintage aviation and cars with beautiful models and Summer Sunshine, throw in some lights and you have a great period glamour shoot.


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About this event

Cast your mind back to those post war ‘Pin Up Post Cards’ and you are already with us this summer. Back in the day these images were seen as ‘risqué’, nowadays they are just a bit of fun. But either way we are sure you will agree that these iconic images have stood the test of time, so what better way to spend a summers afternoon than to be part of a group of photographers aiming to recreate images such as these using a 1940's P51 Mustang and two 1960's Ford Mustang cars.

Again we’re extremely pleased to bring you another exclusive opportunity to shoot glamour models with a period twist, this time with an aircraft and car theme.  With grateful thanks to the Hangar 11 collection we will be transporting you back to that post war era when life was a little simpler and a little glamour was hard to come by but the world was moving on. Colour photography was still in its infancy and many photographers were still experimenting, but a few forward thinkers were now mixing the ‘new’ colour film medium with the rich colours of those iconic USAF Warbirds and the talents of models prepared to put there inhibitions to one side and throw open the doors to embrace a new type of modeling. Rarely before had model photography thrown off the shackles of a studio; however this was about to change forever with the introduction of the Pin Up….

Our shoot will include the P51 Mustang - Tall in the Saddle and one of the collections British Warbirds, and two Ford Mustang cars to add variety. All three Mustangs will all be positioned with the sun in mind and with some distance between them to allow you plenty of space to work. In addition we will also have the use of a US Jeep and possibly one or two other vehicles. To add further atmosphere we will bring lighting and reflectors.  The Mustang cars include a bright red Shelby 350GT Fastback and an elegant white 1966 Convertible. 

We have 3 high quality models arranged for our shoot all with a varied wardrobe geared towards that period Pin Up style. We will run the sessions splitting photographers into smaller groups, each group working with a different model for thirty minutes or so. This ensures everyone gets to photograph each girl and plenty of variety in the portfolio.  

There are two sessions during the day and this session will run from 12:00-14:30. 

As with our previous events of this nature we expect tickets to sell fast so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Currently all of our events will run in line with our Covid-19 policy that follows government guidelines. You can find our Covid-19 policy information page here.

Event requirements


  • Spare batteries
  • Camera
  • Lense cloths
  • Camera protection - rain covers etc


  • Medium

Other essentials

  • Sturdy outdoor shoes
  • Warm clothing
  • Wet weather gear

Event location

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