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Saturday 26th October 2024 17:30-20:30 Crossness Pumping Station, Abbey Wood, Kent, SE2 9AQ

1930's spy thriller photography evening

An evening of atmosphere, mystery and a touch of espionage with 1930's spies at Crossness Pumping Station


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About this event

Join us as we take you back in time to 1938 when war was brewing in Europe and MI5 were on high alert for spies leaking information into Nazi Germany. The threat known as the fifth column was the belief that the Germans successful occupation of Europe was to do with help from within the different countries, a network of Nazi sympathisers & spies spread around Europe. M15 were determined that no fifth column in the UK would evade their knowledge as Germany continued their spread through Austria and beyond.

Taking inspiration from iconic stories like the 39 steps we will create atmospheric and story telling scenes with our historically accurate and spy stylised re-enactors. We will have a minimum of 2 male spy like characters and we will also have a female 1930's style spy. The location for this shoot will be Crossness Pumping Station, a huge indusrtrial building which at night takes on the appearance of a dark street or warehouse. The advantage of running this shoot here is that we can use our smoke machines and lighting to create the ultimate atmosphere.

This image below was captured on a night shoot at Crossness with a Victorian theme so you can see how this place can be transformed into the perfest setting fro spies!

Our characters for the evening will be:

Ralph: A young intelligent and charismatic gentleman who has been playing a double agent with the British Union of Fascists and M15. Ralphs involvement with M15 began in 1937 when they recruited him to infiltrate the Fascists group in London who were meeting on the Kings Road in Chelsea. Ralphs duties were to gather information on the meetings and pass it on to M15. However unbeknown to MI5 Ralph came across an old school friend within the group who has perhaps since persuaded Ralph's loyalties elsewhere... Is the Union of Fascists aware of Ralphs MI5 involvement and setting up fake meetings for him to attend to distract M15 from their true activities... or is Ralph actually a Nazi sympathiser attending the genuine Fascist meetings and passing on fake information to M15? It’s up to you to decide!

Isla: Ralphs girlfriend has been very anxious of late, Ralphs behaviours seems to have changed dramatically since he started his new job with a private investigator firm on the kings road in Chelsea. She is always curious to know where Ralph is going and what he is doing but he always shuts her questions her down with terrifying statements like 'if I told you I would have to kill you'. He had seemed like such a nice chap at first but now she feels trapped in a strange and dangerous situation. Ralph has told her that his cover may have been blown and that a group of criminals he has been investigating have been following him. She must lie low and help Ralph keep his identity hidden. Sometimes he asks her to pass on packages wrapped in brown paper to gentlemen sitting on park benches. At least this is how Ralph sees her, he believes she is scared and under his control.... but what if actually their first meeting on the Kings Road in that late bar that sparked a love affair was actually carefully planned by her employer…? Perhaps Ralphs enemies are closer than he thinks!

Unknown man (Martin): Ralph has been meeting the unknown man for several months now, exchanging packages and having hushed conversations under canal and railway bridges. But things seem to have taken a bad turn and it would seem this man is now perusing Ralph and has been following him through the dark streets. It seems there has been an altercation between them and a debt is now owed that smells a lot like a spies revenge...

During the day we also have a dance photography masterclass being run by LeadingLines Events with Panikos Hajistilly should you wish to do a full day of photography with 2 very different themes.

*All images are from our previous spy walks so are for illustration purposes only

Event requirements


  • Spare batteries
  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Camera protection - rain covers etc
  • Tripod

Other things you should bring

  • Snacks


  • All levels welcome
  • Knowledge of ISO Shutter Speed and Aperture


  • Medium
  • There will be a fair amount of walking on this event

Other essentials

  • Sturdy outdoor shoes
  • Warm clothing

Event location

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